Matthews Law Firm filed a collection action against an out-of-state business that owed our client over $300,000. For reasons unknown, the debtor failed to respond and a default judgment was entered in our client’s favor. Using investigative tools at our disposal, we were able to locate and successfully levy on a bank account belonging to the debtor resulting in the…Read More

Matthews Law Firm resolved a hotly contested arbitration proceeding among business partners. Our client was the minority owner and we successfully negotiated a 7 figure settlement that resolved the arbitration claims and resulted in a buy-out of our client’s interest in the business. We believe that the settlement properly valued the business and the arbitration claims and our client was…Read More

The Matthews Law Firm recently prevailed at trial in a breach of contract/collection action involving one of our oldest and best clients. The defendant guarantor refused to acknowledge responsibility or make a settlement offer during approx. 2 years of litigation. He raised several defenses to enforcement of the guaranty all of which we were able to successfully counter. Enforcement of…Read More

Issues that we see frequently with business contracts: Main issue is when folks try to draft their own contracts: Example 1 - $120k promissory note – lender used a form note and borrower crossed off all of the important language (acceleration clause, attorney’s fees). Lender was embarrassed to call an attorney because he was friends with the borrower. BIG MISTAKE;…Read More

In the simplest form, Asset Protection works by limiting or even removing access to the assets from the legal system, courts and potential creditors.  This can be done in two ways: The first is to keep the assets in the United States and attempt to limit access to those assets by putting them inside of a legal structure like an…Read More

Matthews Law Firm recently succeeded in satisfying a large judgment for one of its corporate clients. Specifically, we were able to obtain the identity of the Judgment Debtor’s largest customer and legally compelled the customer to pay overall accounts receivable owed to the Judgment Debtor until the Judgment was fully paid.Read More

Working with his trial counsel and using several pre-judgment attachment enforcement methods, we recently assisted one of the founding shareholders of a successful private company attach over $1.3 million from his former company before trial. Our client shareholder later prevailed at trial and, with the $1.3 million already attached, was able to secure a very favorable settlement from the company…Read More

Our client was owed approximately $1.3 million by one of its customers who, before we were retained, had been making one excuse after another for non-payment. Once we became involved, our client’s customer almost immediately committed to a payment plan and paid the balance in full within 45 days. This was accomplished without the filing of a lawsuit.Read More

On January 12, 2019, attorney Art Matthews presented a seminar on Judgment Collections Practice on behalf of the Orange County Bar Association. Mr. Matthews provided an overview of California’s Enforcement of Judgments law and discussed various collection techniques that creditors can utilize to collect monies owed to them.Read More

We were recently retained by a client that places high-level tech workers. Our client was owed nearly $100,000 by one of its customers who had moved its operations overseas. We stepped in and using our 25+ years of commercial collections experience, helped the client collect the entire balance owed in only 30 or so days. This was accomplished without the…Read More

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