Our client testimonials speak for themselves.


Our company is a $4.6 billion dollar multinational dairy cooperative and have been working with The Matthews Law firm for a few years. Art and his staff are diligent, bilingual and have assisted our business to recover from many accounts. Their efforts have contributed to the success of our credit department by keeping our bad debt and legal expenses at acceptable levels. They have also assisted by giving us advice with bankruptcy matters and other business issues.

We are a company that is very familiar with the judicial and bankruptcy process and are very selective with regard to using professionals. I would highly recommend using The Matthews Law Firm to assist your company.

Ray G.


I have used the Matthews Law Firm for over 25 years always with great results.  Art Matthews is a skilled litigator and knows how to aggressively protect his client’s interests while billing reasonably and fairly.  Art’s business background comes in handy when evaluating the nuances of complex matters and his credit experience makes him well suited for debt collections matters.  I’d highly recommend the Matthews Law Firm.

President, national staffing company


The Matthews Law Firm handles all of our legal matters helping us to make the best decisions for our business. We find the Matthews Law Firm very professional, easy to communicate with and very accessible; never condescending or judgmental. Art is responsive to all of our concerns and dedicates the time necessary to assure that all of our questions get answered. Art considers all aspects of a case and presents various options in a clear and concise manner. I would highly recommend The Matthews Law Firm to my friends, family and colleagues.

Denise S.


Art Matthews has been my attorney for several years in various types of litigation. He’s always done an excellent and thorough job, and I’ve always felt that he has my best interest at heart. Whatever promised was followed up and executed as best as possible. I feel that he is reasonable with his fees, and I’ve never felt over-billed. Art honestly explained the chances of succeeding before beginning any of my cases. I definitely would recommend him to anyone in need of a conscientious and honest attorney.

Tom Rado


Art has been representing my firm for over 7 years. He is very attentive to our needs and assists us in making the best decisions for our business.

Lisa C.


I had a major problem with one of the largest banks in the country. They mistakenly flagged my mortgage for a modification. I never requested one and have never been late on a payment. After 50+ phone calls and 6+ months of being transferred from department to department they could not fix their mistake. I continued making my normal payment. The bank would cash my check and then send me back the same amount I paid with one of their checks. Then they said I was past due and started to add all kinds of fees and late payments. They went so far as to list my house for foreclosure. They then hit my credit report dropping my credit will over a 100 points. At this point I contacted Art Mathews.

We filed a suit against this bank and with discovery we found they knew of their mistake yet they failed to correct it. Fast forward several months and I received a six figure settlement and my credit was restored.

Art was easy to communicate with and very accessible.



Thank you so much. I really do appreciate what you’ve accomplished for me…I sincerely do.

Judy A.


Matthews Law Firm handled our legal matter professionally and obtained the results we desired. The firm was responsive and spent the time necessary to assure that our questions were answered. I would highly recommend Matthews Law Firm to my friends, family and colleagues.



I have had a very professional working relationship with Art Matthews for these past 12 years and continue to do so. Some of my most difficult commercial collection matters referred to Mr. Matthew’s firm have been brought to prompt and positive conclusions. In today’s challenging market, it is important that I can continue to depend on Mr. Matthew’s expertise.

Karen L.


Just a note to thank you for the outstanding job you did on my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filing. Your professional attitude and work ethic was evident during each step of the legal process. Thanks again and if I ever need your professional services, or know anyone who is in a similar situation, I would definitely recommend them to you. Thanks again.

Doug E.