What’s the amount of the debt? What do we know about the debtor’s finances/assets? Are there any claims that the debtor might assert back against our potential client, meaning we have to both assert a claim and defend against a counterclaim? Is the counterclaim more than the claim the potential client is trying to collect? How old is the debt? Those are all factors we look at in determining whether or not the debt is worth pursuing. If there are already four lawsuits ahead of us, maybe it’s not worth pursuing.

Sometimes clients don’t care and just want to pursue a claim. If they want to pay us to do it and if they go in with their eyes wide open, then that’s their choice. Obviously, we try to do what’s best for our clients, and we’d probably counsel against it if it appears uncollectible. But some clients want to just pursue it anyways and see what happens.

What Sets Your Firm Apart In Representing Clients Who Are Seeking To Satisfy A Judgment Or Collect A Debt?

While every law firm can say they’re experienced, we truly are. Our practice focuses on collections. There are a lot of attorneys out there who are really good about going to court and getting a judgment, but they don’t know all the ins and outs of how to then collect on that judgment. They might write a letter and say, “Okay, pay up,” and if the person doesn’t pay, then they don’t really know about the writs of execution in bank levies and accounts receivable levies—that’s our level of expertise.

Also, we often work on a contingency basis on these claims, so we’re not asking the client to pay us hourly. Instead, we’re basically saying, “Hey, you don’t have to pay us unless we perform,” so we’re performance-based, which gives us skin in the game with our client.

I think those two things—the level of experience we have and the fact we’re willing to work on a contingency basis—set us apart. Plus, we’re a small firm, so when you have a matter, you get me. I do have a team of attorneys and paralegals, as well, but I’m involved throughout the process. We’re not going to just pen you off on someone you’ve never spoken to.

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