What Can a Nondisclosure Agreement Do?

People change jobs and they leave a company for any number of reasons. When they go, they can take more than just their skills. Many employees have valuable insider information of the company and this information in the hands of a competitor or other person could be detrimental to the prosperity of the company. A non-compete agreement is an agreement that many employees are asked to sign upon taking a new job. This states that they will not leave the company and go work for a competitor. These are not used in the state of California and a judge will not uphold these even if it has been signed.

Instead, a nondisclosure or a nonsolicitation agreement (NDA) can be used as a type of insurance for business owners. Typically there is some sort of incentive that will be given to a current or former employee in order to persuade them to sign an agreement. A nondisclosure agreement can be implemented to guard the trade secrets of a company. This is important information that can secure the functioning of a company and if it is leaked, there can be numerous ramifications. Trade secrets can include information regarding customers, a new direction for the company, a chemical formula and more. There may be incentive from a competing company for employees to divulge this information but an agreement offers further protection, as well as allowing for penalties if it is broken. The type of agreements used may be mutual or one way and they should be thoroughly developed so that no loops holes allow for secrets to slip out without penalties.

A nonsolicitation agreement is another option and it seeks to limit individuals from soliciting employees or customers to leave the current business. If your business has something to protect, it is important to be proactive and not be faced with a later situation where a lack of planning leaves you at a disadvantage. If you are a worker that is being accused of violating an agreement, speak with a representative from our firm to learn what grounds you have to fight this. Agreements can often be broad and just about everything you learned at the company may be included. This is not always fair to a worker and may not stand up in a court. For those that are looking to develop a NDA or are being asked to sign one, it is best to have it looked over by a professional that can keep your best interest in mind.

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Methods of Handling Partnership Disputes

Business partnerships are commonly likened to a marriage, where those involved have close contact with one another on a daily basis as they work towards a shared goal. In a partnership, it is extremely important to delineate the rights, benefits, and responsibilities of each person in a partnership agreement so that everyone can have reasonable expectations of how the relationship will work. These same rights, benefits, and responsibilities can change, however, as the business grows and evolves. Other changes can occur as well which may not have been anticipated when the opening agreements were made or one of the partners may feel the other is not living up to his or her responsibilities. Often, these varying changes in the business itself as well as the attitudes of those involved can bring about disagreements and disputes which can have an enormous impact on the future and viability of the whole operation.

Partnership disputes can be based on such areas as financial arrangements, profit-sharing, business debt, the direction of the company, expansion, employment problems, or retirement issues. Other personal problems can arise that negatively impact the partnership such as personal financial difficulties, marriage difficulties, divorce, illnesses, injuries, and more. When these disputes occur, partners need to find solutions for handling them so that the overall business operation is not threatened. Mediation is one way to do so which keeps the partners in control of the results and out of expensive courtroom litigation, which should only be used as a last resort.

The Matthews Law Firm focuses on business law in the greater Los Angeles area, representing clients in business litigation matters and providing mediation services. When a partnership dispute occurs, mediation through an impartial third party may be the answer to sorting out the problem. The partnership agreement may need to be amended so as to reflect any new agreements. These are services that a business law attorney at the firm can offer after evaluating the situation.

With more than 20 years of legal experience in business law matters, disputes, and litigation, Attorney Art Matthews and his staff are more than adept at helping you resolve any dispute you and your business partner may not be able to handle alone. Contact the firm to schedule a consultation about your partnership or other business dispute and learn more about the options available to you today.

Mediation in Business Disputes

Disagreements often arise in the business world that may be internal disputes among those who own, manage, or are employed in the operation or external disputes with outside parties, such as competitors, other businesses, customers, patrons, governmental agencies, and more. Such disputes can take up enormous resources, including time, money, and the use of staff who may be needed to help research or resolve the issue. Not all disputes need to end up in litigation and generally those businesses who have become mired down in an internal or external disagreement will look for other ways to handle the matter that are less time-consuming, less expensive, and less subject to the rules, structure, and decisions of a civil courtroom.

Mediation as an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) method has grown in popularity over the last few decades in the legal field. Courtroom schedules can be log jammed for months or even years to come and litigation can be lengthy and expensive. ADR techniques, such as facilitative, evaluative, and transformative mediation, are different ways of handling disputes that are faster, more cost-effective, and private. These methods allow the disputing parties to settle their differences themselves, with the help of a neutral third party. In mediation sessions, the disputing parties can discuss, problem solve, and find ways to resolve their differences that are mutually acceptable. The mediator helps to keep opposing parties on track with constructive communication, valuable feedback, and potential solutions to the problems at hand.

If you are involved in a business dispute, such as a breach of contract, breach of duty, landlord-tenant dispute, insurance dispute, dispute between partners, among shareholders, boards of directors, management or employees, Matthews Law Firm offers mediation services to clients throughout the greater Los Angeles area. The firm has over 22 years of legal experience in handling all types of business law matters and litigation. Attorney Art Matthews and his legal team know how important it is to you to resolve a business dispute quickly and efficiently; after consulting with an attorney at the firm, appropriate steps can be devised and taken to bring your business dispute to an effective conclusion. To learn more about how the firm can help you with experienced legal assistance in business law contact the firm to arrange for a free case evaluation today.

What’s Considered to be an Unfair Business Practice?

While many business and companies will operate in an open and honest manner, there are unfortunately many that will simply not abide by such standards. In some cases, there are many business that can stoop to deceptive and harmful practices – which, in the end, can harm you and your future. These are commonly referred to as “unfair business practices” and is often believed to be regulated by the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive.

The most common definition of an unfair business practice is anything that would be deemed to be an “oppressive or unconscionable” act – most typically something that affects consumers or business partners. This can include fraud, misrepresentation or unfair competition. This can affect someone who is purchasing goods from the business, someone who is paying for rendered services or even someone who is working with them in regards to advertising.

If you have recently been victimized by an unfair business practice, then you are not without hope. If this has affected you personally or has jeopardized your business, then there is legal action that can be taken. At the Matthews Law Firm, we recognize the issues that can arise from situations of this nature and we are prepared to go the distance in our efforts to helping our clients find the resolution that they deserve.