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Art Matthews and the Matthews Law Firm offer superior legal services and excellent representation for a wide range of commercial collections and business litigations matters, including the following:

Breach of Contract

Breach of contract is the most common dispute encountered in the business world. These cases can involve partnership agreements, leases, purchase and sale agreements, or other business contracts, and all of them involve an oral or written agreement that is then breached by one of the parties.

Partnership Agreements

When working together with a partner it is a good idea to set the guidelines up from the beginning. This may include stating what responsibilities fall to each party so that the roles cannot later be changed without consent. It can also offer further clarity, allowing the business to run smoother when everyone knows what they are doing. These agreements should be developed with a professional to increase their effectiveness.

Commercial Collections

Many businesses are given the difficult task of collecting old debts that are owed to them. It is, however, completely within their legal right to seek repayment of these debts. When businesses have difficulty obtaining payment on a debt, it is often in their best interest to obtain the help of a law firm that can take collection actions on their behalf.

Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Those who are looking to pursue a business endeavor must first be sure that their legal rights are protected. Hiring a business attorney from the outset will ensure that your business has the greatest chance of success and will help to avoid contract disputes and other serious legal issues in the future.


In the business world, fraud can take many forms. Consumer fraud, fraudulent sale, fraudulent advertising, breach of contract, breach of warranty, investment fraud, fraudulent marketing schemes, and mortgage and real estate fraud are just a few examples. People or businesses victimized by fraud are well served by contacting an attorney who can take legal action on their behalf.

Foreclosure Disputes

When borrowers are unable to continue meeting their monthly mortgage obligations, lenders may decide to initiate foreclosure proceedings, which essentially involves selling the property in order to recoup the debt. Disputes frequently arise during the foreclosure process when the borrower believes that the lender has initiated or carried out a foreclosure in an unlawful manner.

Partnership Disputes

Partnerships are formed when two or more individuals agree to work together to achieve and advance mutual interests (usually business related). Regardless of whether or not a written partnership agreement is forged to solidify such a relationship, disputes can and do occur. Examples of these include financial disputes, partner exit disputes, and profit-sharing disputes.

Shareholder Disputes

Shareholders, or stockholders, are people who legally own one or more share of a private or public corporation’s stock. There are many types of disputes that can arise between shareholders, including disputes against the corporation issuing the stock, disputes with shareholders who are believed to be breaching fiduciary duty, and disputes involving minority shareholder rights.

Insurance Disputes

When running a business, insurance can be relied up on in difficult situations. For a company that has been paying each month they can be surprised to find out just how difficult it may be to gain compensation. Insurance disputes are a common problem that many face and legal action is often necessary.

Real Estate Litigation

Real estate transactions in Los Angeles can go wrong for a variety of reasons, including failures to reveal property problems, lease agreement violations, and unresolved judgments. When a dispute occurs regarding any type of real estate transaction, one can take steps towards obtaining a favorable resolution by seeking representation from a skilled attorney.

Unfair Business Practices

The Unlawful Business Practices Act allows individuals to take legal action in the event of any “unfair, unlawful, or fraudulent business act or practice,” such as illegal employment practices or violations of the California Labor Code. Any disputes regarding unfair business practices, whether you are an employee or business owner, should be resolved with the help of an attorney.

LLC and LLP Disputes

LLC stands for “limited liability company”, which is a business structure where the owners have limited personal liability for the debts of the company. LLP stands for “limited liability partnership,” a form of business ownership in which all partners have limited liability protection. Disputes in LLCs and LLPs can take many forms, including contact issues, breach of fiduciary duty, and business dissolution.

Business Litigation

Many businesses in Southern California work with a variety of individuals and groups that help manage or promote the business’ services. As many parties are working together to achieve certain goals, it sometimes happens that disputes arise, and these disputes often require litigation in order be fully resolved.

Landlord and Tenant Disputes

Disputes between commercial landlords and tenants are a very common occurrence. Disagreements arise over matters regarding services that people failed to deliver, nonpayment of rent, and wrongful eviction. In many cases, the parties involved are unable to resolve their disputes alone. It often takes a legal professional to help negotiate a satisfactory resolution for one or both of the parties.

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