If you find yourself in a dispute regarding to business law, you might find yourself uneasy about entering into the litigation process. This can be costly, emotionally draining and time-consuming. Luckily, there are alternatives to this traditional form of resolution. Known as an alternative dispute resolution (ADR), mediation allows for both parties to forgo the route of going to court in favor of settling the issue peacefully amongst themselves with the help of professional mediators.

One common option is using what is known as evaluative mediation; this form allows for parties to bring forward their opinion on a fair settlement. In this type of mediation, the mediator can serve as an evaluator and advisor – looking at both arguments to determine the strengths and weaknesses. On the other hand, there is what is known as transformative mediation where the conflict between parties is taken as a communication issue. Here, a mediator serves as a guide to helping the parties solve the issues on their own.

There are several distinct benefits to choosing to handle disputes through mediation although for businessmen and women, one of the most advantageous is the fact that it is much less costly. As litigation can quickly spiral out of control, choosing to mediation is often friendlier on the wallet. Other advantages include a quicker settlement, more satisfactory outcomes, compliance with the terms and customized agreements that are better suited to both parties involved.

Most people also find that they enjoy the control over the process – instead of turning over control to a judge, they are able to have a direct and active role in the creation of the solution. This can be empowering and can pave the way to a continued relationship with the other party as both are typically able to come to an outcome that is best suited for both of them instead of something that is court ordered.

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