Art Matthews graduated from the University of Southern California in 1989. For more than 20 years, he has been assisting clients with a wide range of legal issues. Through his practice, Mr. Matthews has accumulated the experience necessary to plan, fight, and win even the most complex business law cases. He enjoys his job, and accepts law as a challenge for excellence.  He is dedicated to helping his clients secure favorable case outcomes. Mr. Matthews has helped individuals and businesses with employment litigation, fraud, and other legal matters. He is experienced and knowledgeable in a broad spectrum of areas related to business litigation, including partnership disputes and foreclosures.

Attorney Matthews is licensed to practice law in California, New York, and the District of Columbia, and founded his firm in 2007. Mr. Matthews is driven by his passion for helping clients and support for their cause. Business and law are two incredibly competitive fields, but he uses his competitive nature to his advantage in the courtroom – to represent his clients aggressively and to give him the upper-hand when dealing with business law cases. Mr. Matthews is devoted to his profession and works tirelessly and efficiently to help his clients get the case outcomes they want. Whether dealing with real estate litigation, breach of contract, or royalty disputes, Attorney Matthews conducts his cases with a sense of urgency, moving towards the best possible case outcome and approaches his cases with his clients’ goals in mind.

He is devoted to seeking the most favorable case outcome for every client, based on their unique business litigation goals.