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Investor & Shareholder Issues

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Investors and Shareholders play a key part in the functioning of many businesses, but from this partnership many issues can present themselves. They function in a role where they provide financial backing that supports the health and productivity of the business. Finances however, are often an area that can cause strain and this is true in business relations. There are a number of issues than can occur when it comes to investors and shareholders, and our Los Angeles business lawyer may be able to help find a solution that protects your business.

Investor Issues

Investors make a commitment to provide a certain financial amount for the functioning of the company. A business often relies on the backing of its investors to make new strides that push the company forward. When an investor does not deliver on its promise then it can hinder the business and force them to take alternative measures. While a company may be able to find the resources elsewhere, this can take time and cause a setback that was not expected. Usually a last minute attempt to correct this error can have financial ramifications. A business may not always be able to find the full financial backing they were relying on and this can force them to adjust or delay their plans. Even if alternative action can be taken, the bottom line can be harmed when finances that were relied on are not supplied. Since an investor's commitment is typically done through a contractual agreement, these cases can often be brought to court where the evidence can be provided that they failed to carry out their end of the agreement.

Shareholder Issues

Holding shares or stock in a company can allow shareholders certain privileges and also a responsibility. While they do have the ability to sell their stock, this is done under certain conditions. When they go against the restrictions it can be harmful for the company. Addressing the actions of shareholders can often demand the attention of executives at the company and may take time and money away from concerns of the business. Stipulations are laid out in a shareholder agreement and these agreements allow the owner of a company to control certain aspects of shares in their company. If these terms are violated then legal steps may be necessary. In addition to selling shares, other potential issues can include purchase upon voluntary termination, restrictive covenants, term of payout, bankruptcy, valuation of shares and more. Shareholder and Investor issues need to be addressed immediately. Hoping that they will go away on their own and waiting too long to take action can negatively influence the overall success of the company.

Protect Your Business from Investor & Shareholder Issues

Our firm looks to resolve the issues that our clients are dealing with it so that they can continue on with the future health of the company. We have represented all types of cases with individuals dealing with a range of investor and shareholder issues. Having legal guidance in your case can benefit you in many ways, including offering assistance to obtain a successful outcome and doing so in a shorter time span. We know that while these issues are important, it is to your benefit for them to be resolved as soon as possible. With over 20 years of experience we are extremely familiar with business law and understand the components that are needed when looking to bring a legal issue to rest. Get in touch with us through filling out a case evaluation form or by contacting one of our office locations.

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