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Los Angeles Fraud Lawyer

Fraud- "Intentional Deception for Personal Gain"

Fraud has an unpleasant reach into the wallets and bank accounts of individuals and businesses who have worked tirelessly to provide for their families and establish their companies. Although there are ways to recover, fraud can turn a person's life upside down and leave a business in shambles. Fraud is not only a civil law violation, but it is also a serious crime that significantly affects banks, manufacturing companies, governments, citizens, and businesses.

A substantial amount of fraudulent activity is business related and often involves a person or company lying to another individual or company in order to acquire their money. Unfortunately, there are many ways in which the various intentional and deceptive acts of fraud can be used for personal gain or to cause harm to others. If you are the victim of fraud, or if you or your business is being unfairly accused of committing fraud, it is important that you contact a Los Angeles business attorney from our firm immediately to investigate your case and protect your rights and business.

Types of Business Fraud

Any breach of confidence or act that gives a person or entity an unfair, dishonest advantage can be categorized as fraud. Fraud happens through the mail, phone, media, wire, Internet, and other forms. Some common types of fraud include:

  • Internet fraud
  • Telemarketing fraud
  • Bankruptcy fraud
  • Charlatanism/false expert
  • Nigerian letter or "419" fraud
  • Benefit fraud
  • False insurance claims
  • Identity theft
  • Advance fee schemes
  • Tax fraud
  • Forgery of documents or signatures
  • Health care fraud or health insurance fraud
  • Redemption/strawman/bond fraud
  • False billing
  • Investment-related scams/letter of credit fraud
  • Prime bank note fraud
  • Ponzi schemes
  • Pyramid schemes
  • Market manipulation/"pump and dump" fraud
  • False advertising

Steps to Protect Yourself from Fraud

While there is no doubting that this list is daunting, there are some ways to avoid being a victim of fraud. It is important to take a proactive and preemptive approach when safeguarding your business, there are many greedy and immoral people in today's society and they would like nothing better than to steal your hard-earned money. Here are some simple steps that may help you avoid this preventable misfortune.

  1. Always be cautious about disclosing your personal information or the private information of your business to outside sources.
  2. Be wary of any so-called opportunity to invest your money in a franchise or investment that would necessitate subsequent investors to raise your profit or regain your initial investment; this can be the bait for pyramid schemes.
  3. Independently confirm if the franchise or investment you are considering is legitimate before you invest.
  4. To avoid Ponzi schemes, do your homework when choosing investments and the individuals with whom you invest.
  5. It can be beneficial to consult with a third party uninvolved in the matter, such as an unconnected broker or licensed financial advisor.
  6. Always remember: If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

Protecting Your Investments - Matthews Law Firm, Inc.

When it comes to your livelihood and the wellbeing of your business, why take any risks? Fraud is a serious crime and it must be addressed with aggression and persistence. Anyone found guilty of committing fraud could be charged with a misdemeanor or felony and face serious fines or even jail time. This goes to show that these types of claims should be take very seriously and dealt with the upmost discretion, finesse and professionalism. With a hard-hitting L.A. business attorney by your side, there is a much greater chance that you will successfully settle your business dispute. To learn more, contact Matthews Law Firm, Inc. today!

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