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Disputing Commercial Foreclosures

Fight to Keep Your Doors Open

Generally, mortgages are the primary tool used in securing loans for commercial property. A business owner who defaults on a mortgage may face a foreclosure lawsuit at the hands of the lender. Commercial property foreclosures may also occur at the hands of governmental entities if a business owner fails to pay taxes, liens, or special assessments. If you are facing the foreclosure of your commercial property, it is advised that you contact a lawyer, so that you can determine and fully understand your rights as a property owner in this situation. It is possible to fight a foreclosure, but you will need an adamant advocate with extensive knowledge of the law to help you strategically challenge the lender's attempts to repossess your property.

Does the lender have the right to foreclose on your property?

When you are threatened with commercial foreclosure, it is important that you take the necessary steps to determine whether or not the lender's actions are legal. Some of the questions you will want to ask your attorney include:

  • Did your lender breach the mortgage contract in any way?
  • Is the lender guilty of failing to fund your development?
  • Does the lender possess the original mortgage note?
  • Is your lender guilty of committing fraud in order to induce foreclosure?
  • Is your lender guilty of committing fraud in order to induce you to commit to the mortgage?

If your lender has engaged in any type of misconduct or any unfair business practices, you may be able to successfully dispute your foreclosure. Additionally, it may be possible to recover damages from your lender for any losses you have sustained as a result of their behavior.

Attorney for Foreclosure Disputes in Los Angeles

We understand that many business owners' livelihoods depends on whether or not they are able to keep assets such as commercial property, and you can be confident that our firm will build a thorough and compelling case to help defend your property against foreclosure proceedings. Our legal team is prepared to give you the comprehensive assistance necessary to challenge your lender. With a Los Angeles business attorney by your side, your chances of success are much greater. Contact a Los Angeles foreclosure dispute lawyer from our firm today for a case evaluation!

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