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Federal Trade Commission Complaints

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is a government entity that is nearly 100 years old. It was established in 1914 in order to protect consumers against unfair business practices such as violations of anti-compete laws and anti-trust. There are a number of regulations now included in the Federal Trade Commission Act, which can be found in Title 16 of the United States Code of federal regulations. If you as an individual or a business are facing complaints from the FTC, then you need a Los Angeles business lawyer from Matthews Law Firm to take a stand and fight for your defense.

Anyone can submit a complaint with the FTC's consumer protection agency. Consumers and other individuals can claim that a business is participating in unfair business practices, identity theft and even violence. If you have been notified of an FTC investigation and you are now facing the possibility of prosecution, you need an incredibly strong defense to uphold your name and reputation. Because the FTC is a government entity, it has access to a wide array of resources which can be utilized to bring evidence against you.

Other Issues the FTC Handles

The FTC is responsible for handling consumer and business complaints as well as investigating and prosecuting cases as they see fit. What particular areas of unfair business practices do they handle?

  • False advertising
  • Any type of fraud
  • Explicitly illegal conduct
  • Intentional deception

Considering the following statement which comes from the FTC Policy Statement on Unfairness which is found in United States Code § 45(n) as well.

According to the FTC,

By 1964 enough cases had been decided to enable the Commission to identify three factors that it considered when applying the prohibition against consumer unfairness. These were: (1) whether the practice injures consumers; (2) whether it violates established public policy; (3) whether it is unethical or unscrupulous. These factors were later quoted with apparent approval by the Supreme Court in the 1972 case of Sperry & Hutchinson.

Determining whether or not a business' decision was intended to benefit their business at the expense of harming consumers and other businesses is very difficult. It takes an extensive knowledge of federal law as well as FTC case history to fully understand how to handle these cases.

Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Hearings

If the FTC decides to bring an investigation and prosecution against an individual or business, this will usually be held in the context of an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) and employees of the FTC acting as prosecutors. When it is believed that the FTC has not made the correct decision, these decisions can be appealed and then taken to the United States Court of Appeals and even the Supreme Court. An ALJ can also choose to dismiss a case if they see fit. ALJs are appointed as independent entities to make decisions in these cases. They are appointed under the authority of the Office of Personnel Management.

Get a Los Angeles business lawyer on your side!

If you would like to learn more about the Federal Trade Commission and having a complaint brought against you, do not hesitate to get in touch with a Los Angeles business attorney from our firm. Matthews Law Firm has more than 20 years of experience in the field of business litigation and is familiar with complaints and business/corporate investigations coming from government entities. Due to the serious nature of these cases, it would be best to speak with an attorney as soon as possible.

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